Editor’s Note: A Series on Self Care

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about self care: what it means, how we do it, why we need to, why we sometimes can’t, and why nobody talks about it.

To kick things off here at the Ellipses Project, I wanted to read some other voices: to hear about the ins and outs of friends’ self care practices, to learn about how they define self care and what part it plays in their lives. Sometimes self care is painting your nails. Sometimes self care is remembering to eat.  Sometimes self care is spending time with your own writing, sorting out your own thoughts from the kaleidoscope around you. Sometimes self care is making an intentional effort to think of yourself as loveable, as whole, as someone worth the effort, whatever that means to you. Sometimes self care from the outside looks like just the opposite–like letting yourself go, like giving yourself a break, like allowing yourself to step further and further from some impossible expectations or ideals. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to talk to people who know and love you, to let them know you’re having a hard time or need to be a little more gentle with yourself.

This week we’ll publish some great self care how-to essays by Kathleen S. M. and Anna K., a fantastic short zine on self care by Dixon, an essay on self care, writing, and grief by Caitlin, and one last essay from yours truly.

I’d love to get some conversation going, so please comment! If you’re inspired and would like to contribute your own ideas about self care and they don’t quite fit in the reply box, email the Ellipses Project and we’ll publish your essay or zine or prose poem or whatever the muses give you.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. our 101 resources are still under construction, but we have a great Body Positivity 101 and Trans* Justice 101 up already! If you’d like to read more about self care, check out the zine “Self Care Like a Boss. Self Care for Life.” by Shannon Barber!

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Elise Nagy is the Founding Editor of the Ellipses Project. She recently graduated with a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies, with a concentration in Gender, Arts & Culture. She is fascinated by women’s mental illness narratives and ferociously advocates body positivity. She splits her time between Chicago and Northern Michigan.