Editor’s Note: On Grief, Forgiveness, and Healing

Some of our lovely writers proposed the series we’re introducing this week. We want to write and talk about grieving, about forgiveness, about healing, and about how those are all rather murky waters that aren’t easy to navigate. Sometimes grieving and healing and forgiveness are luxuries that we can’t quite afford. Sometimes our grief doesn’t look the way it’s expected to, and sometimes our grief is invisible. Forgiveness isn’t always something you can jump into, but a long process that occasionally resembles country line dancing (two steps forward, one step back).

What happens when “healing” is compulsory and rushed? What happens when we’re trying to forgive someone who can no longer plead their case? What happens when warm, tangible, people–pillars in our lives–disappear and are replaced with an abyss that comes with a loose set of socially agreed upon guidelines for grieving that sometimes do more harm than good?

This week at Ellipses we’ll sort through all of that, maybe coming up with more questions than answers. If you’d like to submit something to this series, please do!

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