Third Party Candidates and Topics of Interest

By Ashleigh Hill

Scott Olson/Getty Images via Free and Equal [Image Description: Four candidates’ lit profiles; Jill Stein is in the foreground followed by Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Gary Johnson. They are all middle aged light-skinned people with grey hair. Jill Stein is wearing an electric blue suit, and the three men are wearing Black suits.]


Last Tuesday night I attended the Free and Equal Debate, which gave Jill Stein (Green Party), Rocky Anderson (Justice Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party), and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) a platform on which to speak. I’m not a fan of our current (supposedly) democratic, two-party system and when I heard Jill Stein was arrested for trying to be a part of the televised debates, even though she and Gary Johnson are legally allowed to be involved due to the number of ballots they will be on in November, I got pretty frustrated.

Two friends and I made a list of topics that these third party candidates addressed that we did not hear mentioned in the televised debates (please let me know if I’m wrong, I admittedly did not watch 100% of every debate).

Topics Mentioned by Third Party Candidates That Were Not Mentioned by the Republican or Democrat Candidates in Any of the Three Televised Debates

–    War on drugs

–    Connection between money & oil

–    The military industrial complex

–    Questioning the use of drones

–    Climate change

–    The Patriot Act

–    Marijuana & hemp restrictions

–    Drugs as a public health issue, not just an individual one

–    Incarceration & the large percentage of Americans in prison on minor charges

–    The possibility of friendship with the Middle East

–    The possibility & limits of free, post-secondary education

–    Governmental term limits

–    NDAA

–    Civil rights issues

–    Gender identity & sexuality-based discrimination

–    Marriage equality

–    The corporations as people mentality

It’s also notable that, even though the stakes were understandably different in this debate, all candidates were friendly and non-combative.

Topics We Would Like Someone of Any Party to Mention

–    Race & ethnicity & their connection to the war on drugs & poverty

–    Race & incarceration rates

–    Women’s rights issues (other than equal pay & abortion)

–    Specificities of healthcare plans

–    Capitalism

–    Violence & immigration

–    Immigration & human trafficking

Thoughts? What would you like to hear mentioned?