Who We Are

Elise Nagy is the Founding Editor of the Ellipses Project. She recently graduated with a B.A. from DePaul University in Women’s and Gender Studies, with a concentration in Gender, Arts & Culture, double minoring in Art History and English Lit, and she’s on her way to grad school at UW-Madison. She’s fascinated by women’s mental illness narratives & intrigued by the possibilities of radical narcissism through self-representation in feminist art. Embodiment confounds and grounds her.

Larissa Pham is a contributing writer to the Ellipses Project. She makes art, thinks about making art, and thinks about thinking about making art. She believes emotions and bodies are inherently valid. As a junior at Yale College, she is involved in the studio art, history of art, and psychology departments.

Satah is an extraterrestrial cyborg in a Canadian city full of grey rocks. They make some things, sometimes, and flip-flop between identifying as chaotic good and chaotic neutral. Their preferred aesthetic is awkward honesty and they are very into “obsessively documenting your life” as art.

Alex is a contributing writer to the Ellipses Project. She is a lesbian Jack Mormon feminist from Utah going to school in California. She has a BA in Anthropology and is currently pursuing her MA in Women’s Studies in Religion. Her research focus is Mormon women’s auxiliary organizations and concepts of women’s modesty in religion. She likes nail polish, fanfic, feminist theology, and tea.

Lydiane Agustinus is a final-year student majoring in Library and Information Management and calls one postage stamp-sized area on the Borneo Island her home. She occasionally likens herself to an unoccupied chair and Pluto, and is constantly seen with a calico cat in her arms. Her passions include the meticulous art of cataloguing (library science), gender equality, and poetry.

Ellie Perleberg is in some kind of gender studies student/unemployed young adult/silly TV & music blogger limbo in Up North, Minnesota. She’s constantly fighting the good fight for LGBT rights whether anybody wants to hear about it or not. She plans to learn kickboxing in the hopes that she’ll also learn to keep calm and yell less about social justice issues at inopportune times. She might just write some more angry folk songs instead.

Sika Wheeler is a recent graduate with a BA in Media Studies. She also minored in Women’s and Gender Studies and took an internship doing election work with Planned Parenthood out of college. She’s currently in between jobs so she spends the majority of her time contemplating the worth of her degree, reacquainting herself with music she listened to in high school, and trying to convince people how important fanfiction secretly is to changing our society for the better. Sika is in the process of trying to get her writing muscles back in shape in between applying to grad school for next year and learning how to use a leaf blower.

Sally Evans is a PhD student and occasional teacher in the Creative Arts faculty of the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia. She graduated in 2009 with a double degree, majoring in Creative Writing and Gender Studies, and is completing a PhD dealing with the implications of digital technology for poetic practice. Her approach to her thesis currently resembles her approach to big bosses in computer games: attack briefly, then run away terrified and spend the majority of the time hiding behind a rock to regroup and heal. Like many postgraduate students, she has a great deal of knowledge in some fields (literary theory, poetics) but is completely useless with practical things, such as budgeting and political savvy and working out time zones.

Amanda Civitello is a freelance writer based in Chicago. A graduate of Northwestern University, she holds degrees in Art History and Political Science and is a bilingual French-English speaker. She is primarily interested in arts and literary criticism, queer theory, and the depiction of women in contemporary fiction and film. She has written for Autostraddle, Review31, and feminist film criticism blog Bitch Flicks. You can find her online at amandacivitello.com.

Anaïs Escobar is a writer and hair stylist based in South Florida attempting to put her BA in comparative literature to good use. She is interested in creative nonfiction, feminist makeupping, and figuring out who you are through therapy. She is a regular contributor to A Bright Wall in a Dark Room and writes regularly at her blog, Nude Wave.

Shannon T. Rucker is a twenty-four year old blogger and creative writer. She graduated from Seattle University in 2010 with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing, a minor in Sociology, and a specialization in Diversity, Citizenship, and Social Justice. Her passions are womanism/Black feminism, anime and gaming, intersectionality, fat acceptance, creative arts, cats, and just plain expressing herself. She writes speculative fiction/Afrofuturism, poetry, and romance and is the moderator of a collection of blogs, including Every Smile a Lie: a living while fat journal.

Anna K. is a contributing writer to the Ellipses Project. Her academic background has little to do with feminism or gender studies (an undergraduate degree in science led to a master’s in sustainability), but she’s making up for lost time thanks to finding great sources of feminist writing on the internet. She’s particularly interested in intersectionality and social justice, especially as regards food, urban design, and deliberative democracy. She enjoys young adult literature, choral singing, and making pop culture finger puppets.


Caitlin is a Contributing Editor at the Ellipses Project. She is currently an undergraduate majoring in English and Women’s and Gender Studies. Her academic interests include feminism, women’s literature, fat acceptance, class, and embodiment. Of particular importance to her is how art and writing can be used to cope with grief, trauma, and mental illness. She has a penchant for Pre-Raphaelite art, British detective shows, and old Hollywood films.

Stefani R. is a writer, deep-thinker, and most importantly, a human being living in South Florida and working in e-book development. She is a Master’s student studying to be a high school English teacher, has hopes of getting queer authors on the required reading lists for all high school students, and eventually, wants to work in education reform. She says “y’all” a lot and enjoys modernist and confessional poetry, hip-hop, Will Oldham’s songs, strong black coffee, queer theory, and meta-ethical philosophy. She never dresses appropriately for special occasions and hates the taste of arugula.

Kathleen S. M. is a contributing writer to the Ellipses Project. She is a 20-year-old English Literature major from Ontario, Canada. Besides writing, she is interested in learning about social & environmental justice and unlearning oppressive behaviour. She also enjoys poetry, making and listening to music, pyjama parties, and breakfast food.