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Forgiveness is a Luxury, and Some of Us Can’t Afford It

By Shannon T. Rucker Nearly every time I read quotes about forgiveness I reflect on my past and wonder about what role forgiveness plays in my life. People say “Forgive and forget,” or… Continue reading

My Grief Is With Me

By Caitlin My grief is always with me. It’s with me when I am sleeping, having dreams of my father who has been dead for six years now. The grief started with his… Continue reading

Elegy: Jacques Derrida on Sarah Kofman

By Amanda Civitello This is what Sarah Kofman gives me to think about today, in the over-flowing of memory, there where she remains for me unique (unique au monde), and where I want… Continue reading


By Satah (FULLSCREEN RECOMMENDED.) Transcript: In all honesty I feel nothing but pity for the sun as I watch it rise. This is the sun that greeted you on the first day of… Continue reading

Untitled; or On Grief, On Love

By Anaïs Escobar My aunt died two years ago tomorrow. It was a Saturday and the day my world ended and although I didn’t know it then, the day my whole life started.… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: On Grief, Forgiveness, and Healing

Some of our lovely writers proposed the series we’re introducing this week. We want to write and talk about grieving, about forgiveness, about healing, and about how those are all rather murky waters… Continue reading