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Self Care: Self Indulgence & Survival

By Elise Nagy Sometimes self care looks like the unremarkable motions of life. Sometimes self care looks like a small and inexplicable deviation from those motions, an impulsive change in direction: a brisk… Continue reading

Alive, Not Silent: Writing as Self Care

By Caitlin What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? – Audre Lorde I am not alone. Whatever else there was or is, writing is with… Continue reading

Self Care: Soothing and Strengthening

By Anna K. Author’s note: I’ve lived with depression and (social) anxiety since my teens; at various times, I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants, and gone to counseling, but the main way I’m currently working… Continue reading

Giving your demons a makeover: A beginner’s guide to self-care

By Kathleen S. M. What is self-care? If you’re reading this, then, like myself and many others, you’ve probably experienced your share of anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and general mental/emotional unwellness. We’ve all heard… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: A Series on Self Care

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about self care: what it means, how we do it, why we need to, why we sometimes can’t, and why nobody talks about it. To kick things… Continue reading