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Before and After: Why Weight-loss Commercials are Dangerous and How Fat Acceptance Saved My Life

By Caitlin Well before the ball dropped in New York City to mark the beginning of 2013, diet and weight-loss ads were airing non-stop on television, encouraging viewers to get a headstart on… Continue reading

Fat Bodies in Art: The Full Body Project and the Adipositivity Project

By Caitlin I am fat. I have been fat since I was five years old and not a day has gone by without the world telling me in subtle and not so subtle… Continue reading

My Grief Is With Me

By Caitlin My grief is always with me. It’s with me when I am sleeping, having dreams of my father who has been dead for six years now. The grief started with his… Continue reading

Alive, Not Silent: Writing as Self Care

By Caitlin What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? – Audre Lorde I am not alone. Whatever else there was or is, writing is with… Continue reading