HEART(H)WARMING: A Back to School Guide

By Larissa Pham Here we are back at school again. It’s October now and your hands are starting to get cold, especially when you wake up in the morning, and you’re thinking about… Continue reading

I Won’t Join Lady Gaga’s “Body Revolution”

By Shannon T. Rucker Editor’s note: Recently Lady Gaga has been criticized in tabloids for apparently gaining weight, and in response she launched a self proclaimed “Body Revolution,” kicking it off by posting… Continue reading

A Brief Love Letter to Elementary 

By Alex Today, I am called upon to reflect on the glory of Elementary. The majesty of Lucy Liu’s existence, the splendor of Jonny Lee Miller’s hideous t-shirt wardrobe. How noble in reason,… Continue reading

Can Feminism Be Taught? Can Feminism Be Learned?

By Sally Evans Following its publication, many people read Clementine Ford’s article at dailylife.com.au about the cultural sanctions on women’s sexual and reproductive freedom.  The commentary about that article, along with other discussions centring on… Continue reading

Grad School Is Weird

By Alex Grad school is weird. This might not be shocking information to most people. I guess it wasn’t to me, either. In the same way that I knew undergrad would probably not… Continue reading

The Ivory Tower Doesn’t Yet Have a Room for Brown Girls

By Larissa Pham “We just don’t do too much work on non-western art,” a classmate of mine was saying in seminar, speaking of her preference for European art. “It’s harder to speak about… Continue reading

Fat Girl in a Strange Land: a book review

By Shannon T. Rucker     Situated on a spectrum of fantasy to a tiny bit of romance (not too much, of course) to speculative fiction to science fiction to creative socio-political, Fat… Continue reading

Editor’s Note: Back to School

Now that it’s officially October, even the most optimistic of us have to admit that summer’s really over… The series we’re introducing this week is “Back to School.” In their essays and book… Continue reading

Self Care: Self Indulgence & Survival

By Elise Nagy Sometimes self care looks like the unremarkable motions of life. Sometimes self care looks like a small and inexplicable deviation from those motions, an impulsive change in direction: a brisk… Continue reading

Alive, Not Silent: Writing as Self Care

By Caitlin What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? – Audre Lorde I am not alone. Whatever else there was or is, writing is with… Continue reading