I Use a Mokbal Because My Leg is Sick: Developing a Disabled Identity in Korea

By Lee Klinger I have developmental dysplasia of the left hip. The head of the femur is flat and the socket is too shallow. The joint is severely arthritic. For nearly five years,… Continue reading

Dear Straight Boys

By Kathleen I am not your “pet peeve.” It’s ten minutes into a conversation and he says it: “It’s a pet peeve of mine…I feel like a lot of girls who say it,… Continue reading

Before and After: Why Weight-loss Commercials are Dangerous and How Fat Acceptance Saved My Life

By Caitlin Well before the ball dropped in New York City to mark the beginning of 2013, diet and weight-loss ads were airing non-stop on television, encouraging viewers to get a headstart on… Continue reading


By Sika Wheeler Lull (2011; 5:33) directed/edited/filmed by Sika Wheeler music by Sika Wheeler and Anna Frate I made Lull over about two weeks at the end of 2011 after two seasons of… Continue reading

Hometown, Utah

By Alex When I was 10 my family packed up and moved from the artsy northern California town I’d grown up in to a rural town in southern Utah. According to the census,… Continue reading

Why I’m Voting NO on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment

By Ellie Perleberg My sexuality? It’s none of your business. I’m not trying to be rude here, just honest. Whether I’m gay or straight or emotionally attached to a fictional character on a TV… Continue reading

Birthdays, Always, Untitled: Three Poems

By Lydiane Agustinus • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •… Continue reading

Redefining Body Image: An Interview With Haley Cue

By Elise Nagy Last weekend I had the chance to sit down for a cup of tea and a (Facebook) chat with the babeliest of babes, Detroit-based graphic designer and body positive activist… Continue reading


By Larissa Pham My mother never told me to use a hand mirror to give myself a look and she certainly never told me where to find anything and when I started bleeding… Continue reading

Fat Bodies in Art: The Full Body Project and the Adipositivity Project

By Caitlin I am fat. I have been fat since I was five years old and not a day has gone by without the world telling me in subtle and not so subtle… Continue reading